Health Benefits of Green Tea – Heart Health

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The amazing health qualities of green tea are not by any means limited to weight loss, for which it has received a lot of attention. It is the antioxidants in green tea, catechins, that are responsible for a myriad of other health benefits.

Cardiovascular and heart health:

Men who take high levels of polyphenols like catechin have 75% less risk of a stroke. Green tea lowers the levels of “bad” cholesterol called LDL cholesterol and raises the “good” cholesterol levels called HDL. This creates a healthier balance between LDL and HDL in the blood. There is also evidence that green tea can help thin the blood and lower blood pressure.

If this was all the benefits of this tea, that would be impressive, but there is much more!

Anti-cancer Properties:

Researchers have concluded that damage to our DNA is one main cause of cancer. Our DNA strands come under attack from 1000’s of free radicals everyday. This is a normal process for us. The good news is that the body is able to repair itself. However, our DNA can fall victim to this onslaught and the DNA strands can become permanently damaged. The result of this is cancer! Broken DNA strands will produce mutated cells instead of the healthy cells it is designed to create. The good news is that catechins can intercept and disarm free radicals before those mutated cells can reach our DNA. This can help reduce our chances of developing cancer!

Ample research has also concluded that green tea reduces risk of prostate cancer, lung cancer, gastrointestinal tract cancer, skin cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer and bladder cancer!

Strengthens the Immune System:

Green tea catechins increase our levels of white blood cells. A strong white blood cell count is fundamental for a strong immune system. There are 2 types of white blood cells catechins intake can strengthen; B-cells and T-cells. B-cells produce antibodies to neutralize foreign agents and infectious microorganisms. T-cells tackle specific invading cells such as germs and cancers.

Supporting the Liver:

When it comes to detoxification the liver is our biggest weapon. It absorbs poisons from our blood and with the aid of enzymes chemically alters these poisons into water soluble substances. The poisons can then be moved along to the feces for elimination. With the amount of pollution in our environment and in our food these days the liver comes under considerable stress! The good news is catechins can help! The catechins can actually protect the liver from some of these toxins by aiding the enzymes needed for detoxifying. In this process the liver is spared somewhat.

The Research Continues:

Only some of the health benefits of green tea was covered here in some detail. Other benefits include, aiding diabetes, lowering stress hormone levels, aiding digestion and even aiding dental health.Also, there is ongoing research into the benefits of drinking green tea and I am sure we are going to see more and more of the many benefits it has to offer.

Personal Health Cancer With Built in Quandary

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Cancer presents the patients with the most challenging times their life. They have to face the prospect of losing their life and at the same time, they have to take decisions regarding the treatment. Cancer has various stages. People who have cancerous cells before it starts spreading are faced with issues of personal health cancer with built in quandary. There may be multiple options to choose from and some of them may involve some sacrifices to personal health. Let us take the case of breast cancer in women to find out how a typical sequence of events plays out.

In breast cancer, there is a specific type of cancer called D.C.I.S. or Ductal Carcinoma in Situ. Majority of these cases are non-invasive. However some have the potential to become invasive in the future. A large number of such cases are being recorded as the screening process has improved which has resulted in an increase in the health cancer checkups. A number of women who are healthy get their breast X-ray so that any cancerous cells may be detected early. This situation presents a quandary for the doctors who now have to advise the women on the possible treatment options. The doctor has to first find out whether the cancer may actually turn out to be invasive by biopsying it. In this case, there are a number of possible treatment options and each of them has their own unique price to pay. This is what makes the situation of personal health cancer with built in quandary so difficult for the doctors. If there was default treatment option which does not come with any side effects, then the doctors are only happy to treat the cancer.

The patients also find themselves in a difficult situation. They have to take a decision regarding the type of treatment they want. When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, the best option is to go for mastectomy. This involves the removal of the breast with the cancerous cells so that they do not spread. This is a difficult option for some women and their family members. When D.C.I.S. is found in women, the choice becomes extremely difficult as there is only a slight chance the cancer will become invasive. The patient has to do extensive research and consult some other physicians to find out their opinions. The patient eventually has to come to a decision with full knowledge of the side effects. One advantage the patient has in this situation is absence of emergency. She can take her time and come to a decision after carefully weighing all the factors and outcomes to take decision regarding personal health care with built in quandary.

This situation can exist in all other types of cancer as well. The basic factor in personal health cancer with built in quandary is that the patient has to decide between personal health and other side effects when looking at treatment options. This can be largely mitigated only through careful analysis and study of the various factors. The eventual aim should be personal health as the health outcomes issues in cancer is the most important.

Marketing, Promoting and Advertising Your Business

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One thing that goes without saying in today’s business world, is that regardless of the nature of your home based business, a website is an absolute MUST. Whether you have a product or service to sell, whether local or global, your business will go nowhere fast if you don’t have an online presence. If you need internet marketing help, you’ve landed on the right article. I’ll give you some home based business marketing ideas that will help you promote your business successfully.

The first step is choosing a domain name and getting it registered. You can build your own website (if you have the time) and host it yourself or you can have everything done by another company (if you have the money). Either way, you have many options and tools at your disposal that can align with your business plan and budget. Also note that you can still start your own home based business even if you don’t have a product or service to sell. There are thousands of individuals and companies that have products you can sell for them while earning a commission, called affiliate marketing.

Of the many business marketing strategies known to man, internet marketing is, hands down, the best strategy to use for promoting a home based business as it is the cheapest method and has the potential for reaching millions of people all over the globe. Driving traffic to your site through online resources is like killing two birds with one stone. You can tackle print advertising by writing articles and publishing them to directories and ezines and by submitting ads to the many available (and most of them free) classified ad sites. Online media advertising encompasses writing press releases and distributing them to press release sites. One of the biggest and most popular online advertising trends today is via social media advertising through sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn where you build relationships with your customers. Forums and communities are also great ways to build relationships which helps promote your home based business in the long run. Simply Google your market or industry with the word ‘forum’ or ‘community’ behind it and search for one or two that seem to be the best fit for you.

All of these methods of online advertising contribute to search engine optimization (SEO), which is to say improving your online visibility and escalating in the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Your goal is to claim the #1 spot in the organic search results (the results on the left, not the right side which are paid ads). This is where your traffic will come from. If you are 800 in the list of search results, no one is ever going to see your site because very few people have the time or patience to scroll through 800 search results. Research shows that people typically won’t even scroll past 4 or 5 search results, let alone 800.

Can you grasp the importance of internet marketing for any business? If you are new to the internet marketing phenomenon and don’t know exactly where to start, there are many great programs or systems online that walk you through every aspect of marketing your online business. A lot of these systems were created by online entrepreneurs who have spent thousands of their own dollars trying to figure it all out over the years and finally DID. Their sacrifices have made it easier for newbies to become successful at their own online home based business. If you are new to running your own home based business, I recommend you find a great system (do your research, read reviews, ask questions in forums) and start marketing your home business from there. Don’t waste the time and money that so many of us have in going it alone, without a proven system, as it will just set you back further and hinder your progress.