Personal Health Cancer With Built in Quandary

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Cancer presents the patients with the most challenging times their life. They have to face the prospect of losing their life and at the same time, they have to take decisions regarding the treatment. Cancer has various stages. People who have cancerous cells before it starts spreading are faced with issues of personal health cancer with built in quandary. There may be multiple options to choose from and some of them may involve some sacrifices to personal health. Let us take the case of breast cancer in women to find out how a typical sequence of events plays out.

In breast cancer, there is a specific type of cancer called D.C.I.S. or Ductal Carcinoma in Situ. Majority of these cases are non-invasive. However some have the potential to become invasive in the future. A large number of such cases are being recorded as the screening process has improved which has resulted in an increase in the health cancer checkups. A number of women who are healthy get their breast X-ray so that any cancerous cells may be detected early. This situation presents a quandary for the doctors who now have to advise the women on the possible treatment options. The doctor has to first find out whether the cancer may actually turn out to be invasive by biopsying it. In this case, there are a number of possible treatment options and each of them has their own unique price to pay. This is what makes the situation of personal health cancer with built in quandary so difficult for the doctors. If there was default treatment option which does not come with any side effects, then the doctors are only happy to treat the cancer.

The patients also find themselves in a difficult situation. They have to take a decision regarding the type of treatment they want. When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, the best option is to go for mastectomy. This involves the removal of the breast with the cancerous cells so that they do not spread. This is a difficult option for some women and their family members. When D.C.I.S. is found in women, the choice becomes extremely difficult as there is only a slight chance the cancer will become invasive. The patient has to do extensive research and consult some other physicians to find out their opinions. The patient eventually has to come to a decision with full knowledge of the side effects. One advantage the patient has in this situation is absence of emergency. She can take her time and come to a decision after carefully weighing all the factors and outcomes to take decision regarding personal health care with built in quandary.

This situation can exist in all other types of cancer as well. The basic factor in personal health cancer with built in quandary is that the patient has to decide between personal health and other side effects when looking at treatment options. This can be largely mitigated only through careful analysis and study of the various factors. The eventual aim should be personal health as the health outcomes issues in cancer is the most important.


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